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Hey, Jill here, this is my first guess post. I’m Polyamorous and in a relationship with five people.  I’m not a slut, I believe that you can have meaningful open relationships with more than just one person at at time, the same way you can love more than one sibling or parent.  

Polyamory Is Not Sleeping Around

I do sleep with all of my partners of course but polyamory is more about building relationships polyamory means simply – more love

I was unhappily married for many years as I thought I was different and didn’t believe I could only have one partner for the rest of my life so I chose not to.  This belief is social conditioning at it’ best (or worst). I do believe some people are monogamous the same way some people are gay and of course (amongst many other titles) Polyamorous.

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There is most definitely a difference between infidelity and sleeping around.  Some might argue that having phone sex is also cheating.  Indeed you can sometimes even seek the cheapest phone sex around and this is considered cheating which is most definitely not polyamory in the traditional senses, at least not in my opinion.